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Browse a wide selection of Richmond Floors carpets. Take a look at Coronet or any carpet from its parent company; Beaulieu Flooring Come browse our samples, we have a large assortment to help you find a style to fit any room in your home. Need durable flooring for home or business?
Remember to check out any of our commercial carpeting brands.


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A great carpet can change the look and feel of a room. Installing carpet can be difficult if you are planning on doing it yourself. Proper installation of carpeting is essential in-order to guarantee longevity and warranty. If carpets are not installed correctly, they will not last as long as they would if a professional did the job correctly. Using the experienced carpet installers at Westport Flooring can make the project faster, easier and much less expensive.

We proudly sell and install both residential carpet; perfect for the home, and commercial carpet; perfect for home or business, as well as all sizes of carpet tiles from the best manufactures in the business. Our bright and spacious showroom offers a wide selection of carpets from Beaulieu, Kraus and Richmond Floors. Remember! If you can't find something in our showroom don't worry, browse the online showrooms of our distributors and give us the product code. We at Westport Flooring would be happy to order in that style of carpet for you*(Depending on availability). After all, we're here to help you make it the room of your dreams.

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There is little doubt that carpet floors offer homeowners more warmth, softness underfoot and overall sound reduction making your room much quieter than any other floor covering. With today's carpet styles, colours and textures they are able to blend with any room's decor; as well with a variety of other flooring styles. From casual residential carpets to commercial carpets you can always find a carpet style that will enhance your interior setting; whether you’re looking to upgrade for home or for business. Not only can carpets be pleasing to look at and touch, there are extra-durable carpets that can be right for any space; specifically high traffic areas.

Today, carpet manufacturers offer consumers a wider selection of carpet patterns, textures and colours to cover your floors than ever before. As time goes on, the technology used in producing carpets gets better and better. Carpets have become much softer and more stain resistant then ever before. Advancements in fibre technology help carpets retain their just-installed appearance longer and more efficiently then ever before. Berber carpets, patterned carpets and textured cut pile saxonies are among the most popular floor covering choices with homeowners today.

The cushioning underneath your carpet, Underpad, has gone through advancements being greatly improved upon as well. Underpad is now available that absorbs and blocks spills before they're able to seep into the costly sub-floor below; while helping eliminate the odour.

  •  Carpet adds flooring warmth and is soft underfoot and easier on children's knees.
  •  Carpet is much quieter than hard surfaces floors, reducing much of the echo that hard surfaces cannot.
  •  Carpet comes in a wide variety of color tones and hues.
  •  Carpet is easy to decorate with and offers many solid color tones for rooms with patterned wall coverings.
  •  Carpet can hide many subfloor irregularities that would not be permitted with hard surfaces floors.
  •  Carpet can go over a variety of substrates and on all grade levels, even concrete slabs in basements.
  •  Carpet is economical and the installation costs are much less than some of the hard surface products.

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